Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a year in review part 2

Hunting eggs at Gramie and Grandpas
papa handing out the dough
the easter bunny came
Lilly's so into it
Bridgeport Easter Egg Hunt
First place
flying kites
dying Easter Eggs
playing with mommy's shoes
At the zoo with the cousings
Cousin Megan and Brigger came to visit
gotta love the donkey
watering the tree
the front yard
the garden
cute girl
another one of daddy's girls
tree hugger...ha
so happy for summer vacation
helping fold clothes
a baby dove
what did I do
Water fun
sweet girl

sisterly love


Well so much for keeping up with the times over the last nine months. I will be honest, writing was the last thing I wanted to do after my Grandpa passed away, but I realize the importance,SOOO here's to being better!
This past year has honestly been great! I love my new job, we have adjusted life as a family of four and we are getting use to Jake and I's opposite schedules. If all goes right Jake should have his bachelor's degree in August and I will be an internship away from my master's degree!
My girls are the light of my life! EVERYTHING they do keeps me on my toes. Since I can't remember all of those precious moments I am going to post pictures of the year, but one of my FAVORITE stories is of Callie. She was sick and no that wasn't the funny part, and I had to take her temp. To her dismay I have a rectal thermometer and she wasn't too happy about it. She said mommy how much long? I told her "just until it beeps" She says nonchalantly....beeeeep.

Blizzard of 2011...Jake is so excited!

But...Callie loves it! she lasted a whole 5 minutes.

Chase and Lillian playing...can't believe how small they were

My sweet baby!

Still playing

First time in primary

finally got her hair in piggys

Daddy's girl

Lillian's Birthday...our family was complete!
Loving it!
the cake

Bowling afterward