Sunday, January 24, 2010

life at its busiest

well...I'm not sure where to begin because so much is happening so fast, but I will tell you this I am just trying to make it through the weeks one day at a time. As far as the pregnancy goes, everything is smooth sailing. I have had slim to non complications except the usual sore back, ribs, feet. etc. The only real complaint I have is my braxton hicks contractions. They are getting to be more annoying and more painful. I guess this is what happens as you approach the 36 week of pregnancy :)

Work is going pretty smoothly, but VERY busy. We had musical auditions last week and this week are starting practices. Basically what this means for me is 6:30 to 10:00pm practices Monday, Tuesday, & Thursdays. I also have to be at Young Woman's on Wednesday nights, so I am away from home a lot. Hopefully Callie won't feel TOO neglected.

As for Callie, she is now potty trained. They have a sticker rewards system at her Daycare and she is way ahead of all her "friends". She is also speaking more and more and is VERY opinionated. Last night she surprised me when she said "Not my fault Mommy." Another thing she says that is a constant reminder that she is growing up is "I fine". This is in reference to drinks or potty breaks. One of her big obsessions right now is Princess's. She loves them and always wants to watch them when she gets home from school. Other than that, we are enjoying our one on one time with her as we know that these days are limited. It is only a matter of time before her world and ours are flipped upside down for the better.

Jake is very busy with school and whether he believes it or not, I am very proud of him. He has switched his degree again, but I am pretty sure this one is going to stick. He is now going into history education. He wants to teach high school and coach. We are both very excited for the day when he finishes. Even though he still has two years, we know that it will all be worth it in the end.

I guess that is the boring Martin family update. I will try to post some pictures next time....