Friday, March 20, 2009

Days go by SOOOO fast!

I can not believe that March is already over. Where does the time go? The last two weeks have been very eventful. We had friends or family over everyday the week of March 16th and had a lot of fun(minus the part that I had to work through most of it). Monday the 16th, we had the Mulloys over. Tuesday the 17th, we had the Coopers over. Wednesday the 18th my sister came up to visit. Thanks for all the help! and...Thursday the 19th, Jake's sis Becca came up with her family and stayed until the 22th.

I was happy that Jake got to spend some time with his family since that rarely happens. They got go to Mt. Rushmore on Friday the 20th and I believe had a lot of fun (besides the fact that Callie got really sick and was for 6 days after). WE (and that does include me :)) then went to Evange Plunge in Hot Springs, SD the next day and had a lot of fun. Callie really enjoys the water and I enjoyed getting a good laugh out of Jake attempting to do the rings across the pool. I just let you use your imagination.

Like I said earlier, Callie got sick and was running a very high temp for 5 or 6 days. On Monday the 23rd I took a sick day(which turned into a snow day, yah) and took Callie to the Dr. She ended up having a ear infection. She is also cutting 3 molars, so we had a rough few days. Luckily I did get snow days on the 23rd and 24th and can't express enough how excited I was.

As if this wasn't enough stress, I had panhandle music contest with my students on Friday. They performed really well and I was overall pleased. However, I did end up in the emergency room with one my students. I will spare the details, but this situation has bummed me out for numerous reasons, more or less so because I have NO support from my administration at school. I am so grateful that I have another job lined up and am counting down the days until I am done with this one. Only 30 more to go!

Overall, I have officially decided that I am going to try to have a good attitude. I started exercising yesterday, and while I am sore, I am feeling more in control of my body. My goal is to get healthy again. Well I guess that is it!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happenings of a great week!

Last weekend, I performed in the Ten Virgins for the Relief Society Birthday Party. It was a great experience, but a busy one at that. On Friday the 6th, I interviewed in Mitchell, Nebraska for the vocal music position (I'll get to the details of that later.) I finished that at about 3:30pm and we were off to Rapid City, SD for practice. I practiced from 7-11 and then Jake and I were off to the hotel... . (My parents were nice enough to watch Callie for the night, so Jake and I had a nice SHORT night in a hotel)

Saturday the 8th was the performance and it went very smoothly. I think I got more out of it that those around me did. The message was plain and simple, I need to be doing more to spiritually prepare myself for those things that truly matter the most.

Anyhow, back to the job. 20 minutes after I interviewed I was offered the job and Jake and I had to let them know by Monday the 9th at 12:00 pm. We prayed about it and felt like it was the right thing to do, so I accepted the job. We are excited for the future, but sad to leave Chadron as we truly enjoy everything about it here.

This leads me to next week. It was beautiful outside and we took Callie to the park for the first time. She LOVED it. However, I regretfully didn't take any pictures. It was also Jake's spring break and my first official parent teacher conferences. The first night I had two parents and the second night I probably had eight. I can honestly say it was a pleasant experience. All of the parents were very nice.

This weekend, we went to Bridgeport and enjoyed time with my family. It was nice to getaway, but always nice to get home. I guess that is the week in a nut shell. I will try to post pictures later in the week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!

So I have been obsessing over where I am going to work next year because I am NOT very patient, and then BAMB! it happens all at once. On Friday, I have an interview at Mitchell Public Schools and I just found out today that Bridgeport and Chadron are opening up too. So, I am left with wondering what will happen next, and the answer to that question is I DON'T KNOW. However, I do know that the Lord answers your prayers and I am GRATEFUL for that knowledge.

Here is a couple of pics of Callie a year ago and today! Crazy how they change!