Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my oh my

Well...with they busy semester, I DIDN'T blog. I guess better late than never. So, here it goes.
I really can't remember much of the past few months. I was really on autopilot. Here are a few highlights.
* Lilly started crawling, standing, and talking. Of course her talking is minimal she is really starting to repeat words. She loves attention and knows how to get it. She is very laid back and needs to be with her sister around.
* Callie is VERY stubborn and at times hard to manage, but I absolutely love how out of nowhere she will say "I love you Mom" She is soaking everything up and turning into a beautiful little girl
* Jake finished his classes with A's. I have to admit I didn't even know if he would finish :-S, but he always said have I ever not finished a class yet....well needless to say he was right. Jake also shot his first NE deer and has been working hard at work.
* I also finished my classes with A's (barely :)) and somehow got through the craziness of being a band and choir teacher. I am still recovering and have come to the realization that I have to learn how to pick and choose my activities. I have to say being a stay at home Mom has never seemed so appealing. Don't get me wrong I have always really wanted to stay home with my kids, but financially it isn't possible. Because I get to experience both being a working mom and a stay at home mom, I know there are different stresses. Right now I would prefer the stresses of a stay at home mom :)
Christmas has come and gone and I can say while I really enjoyed being with family I didn't anticipate it like I have in the past. I absolutely use to LOVE Christmas...the decorations, smells, gifts, service, etc. I just didn't have the time to soak it all up. However, we did have a WONDERFUL holiday. Christmas eve, we went to Bridgeport. We had lunch with my Grandma Ann and then while the boys went hunting, the girls spend all afternoon in the kitchen. It was really fun cooking and seeing Callie help.
That evening we went to Grandma Sharon's. She had really good soup and of course gifts. The thing I love about my Grandma Sharon is she gives homemade gifts (they are the best kind) I got slippers and my grandpa made me napkin holder. The girls each got a knitted sweater and beanie hats.
Christmas Day didn't start with such the band I would like. I was SOOO excited to watch Callie open her gifts, but instead of an excited girl, I got a grouchy one who ended up throwing up. She feel back asleep, but lucky woke up feeling much better. Even though I had to wait a couple hours, I really enjoyed watching her BELIEVE. The girls were spoiled...with clothes, games and toys. Jake and I were spoiled with pots and pans, cutlery, gun cleaning kits, knife sharping kits, cologne, a red coat, camera, hunting license, etc. etc.
I think I got the biggest kick out of Jake...he said "The girls have more presents in one year than I got in 10 growing up." I have to admit that we are blessed and with that said, I really enjoyed helping other families out as well. Service is a wonderful thing and the gospel is even better. I can't imagine what life would be like without the knowledge I have today. Until next time....