Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

POTTY TRAINING and the toppings to butte.

Well my Christmas vacation has been bitter sweet, but as everyone always says, is going WAY to fast. I decided since I would be home I would consistently potty train Callie (see has been going for us in the morning and night, but hasn't been doing so well at daycare). Anyhow, she has been a superstar. She has had very few accidents and when she does, she has told me she had to go we just couldn't get her to the potty in time. With that said, I can't believe how grown up she is getting to be. She can communicate and says the cutest things. For example last night, she had a tummy ache and went a little number 2 in her pull-up. Jake said, "What did you do?" I went in to help her because she was having a hard time and when I went to put on a diaper she said "Daddy's mad at me; I poop in my diaper."
I am having a hard time remembering that she is not a baby anymore. I want to buy her too small of clothes and baby her, but she is a thriving independent two year old. I am so grateful to have her in our family!
Other than the potty training business, we have been busy picking Jake up from the airport, spending three days in Bridgeport, and surviving doctor appointments. Christmas was very special. I LOVE Christmas and LOVED watching my family members open their Christmas gifts. Callie was spoiled and received play food, a wooden table, books, wonder pet stuffed animals, movies, babies, clothes, a knitted sweater from Grandma Sharon, and a savings bond. Jake received waders, his 2010 hunting license and Cabela's gift cards. I was also spoiled and got a new travel crib, a beautiful purse, a new tote, jewelry, and clothes.
Despite how much I loved gift giving, I know that that was not the main part of Christmas, I am so grateful for a beautiful healthy family and all the joy they give me, and I look forward to what the new year brings.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pictures...compliments of Jaime


26 weeks

i'm tired

messy face

being shy

Callie's friends at Breakfast with Santa

Hannah and Callie at discovery days in Oct

playing outside with the Taggart kids. She loves them!

Our cute girl

so cute!

Jaime is Callie's second mommy

Callie's cousins and Richard on Thanksgiving

Jake and I. I look huge :S

Becca and Jake

Callie getting into "trouble"

at breakfast with Santa

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Month of November and then some.....

We'll if I thought life was going to slow down IT HASN'T. November flew by; so much in fact that I can't remember much that happened, but I will try.

The first week of November I got to have a 24 week ultrasound. Everything looked good, but Lillian refused to show her face. Go figure, the first time I'm able to have a 4D ultrasound and my little munchkin wants her face to be a surprise. Just my luck!

That same week, my swing choir competed in the Old West Weekend Show Choir Festival. I honestly didn't know if the kids were going to pull their show together, but they did and did a wonderful job.

The next week I had the Veteran's Day Program. Jake also had some excitement of his own, which included getting a shop lifter arrested. The story goes like this. I called Jake during my morning break and he proceeded to tell me that while he was doing his shopping, he saw two Walmart managers chasing a young man. Jake wasn't sure what to do, so he called 911 and told the police what was going on. The shop lifter some how made it out the door and made a run for it. Jake thought he got away, but then saw him at the Taco Johns. Jake pulled up next to the police officers and told them where he was and when he drove by again they had him in hand cuffs. What happened to the shop lifter after that, we shall never know, but Jake felt good about helping the police out.

On November 16th I had WTC Honor Choir in Bridgeport and then had All-State Choir in Lincoln on the 18-20. The Sunday before, I also was asked to be Young Women's President. I have the typical "why me" response, but am excited to get to work with the youth.

The next week was Thanksgiving. Jake's sister's family came down and we spend Thanksgiving at our neighbors, the Taggarts. It was a lot of fun; however, not as much fun as black Friday. Jaime (my neighbor) and I were on the road by 4:00 am. I was supper excited about all my great buys. Including a new comforter, pillows, a bed topper, craft supplies, and a pair of pants.

I guess that brings me to December. This month has been a whirl wind and I feel like I am a chicken with it's head cut off. I have been trying REALLY hard to find balance, but my job alone is hard enough when you have 3 concerts in 3 weeks (I'm not complaining, that's the reality of a music teachers schedule come December).

Despite all the chaos. I feel VERY blessed. Callie is the cutest little girl ever and has a very rambunctious personality. She loves to jump, sing, boss you around, say no, run away from you for fun, and give the most precious loves. The other night, I was frustrated with her and she snuggles up to me and says "love you too mommy." The comment was just enough for me to reevaluate the situation and realize maybe (cough, cough) I was over reacting.

Callie also got to go eat breakfast with Santa yesterday and had a great time. She bounced up to his lap and sat there like a trooper. I love her so much!

Jake is also the best husband a woman could ask for. He helps me out with the house, sympathizes with me (most days :), takes care of Callie, and tries his hardest to make me happy. He does still love his hunting and tries to spend any extra free time he has in the duck blind. I have to admit I struggle with this when we don't see each other much as it is, but know that if I didn't get to swim I'd go crazy too.

Hopefully I will get to blog more next week cause I will be on Christmas break. Crazy how time flies.