Saturday, March 13, 2010

Labor/Delivery story...readers beware

Let me just say, that the last two weeks of my pregnancy were some of the hardest. Luckily I was able to work up until the delivery, but needless to say it defiantly weighed on me. As I stated in my last blog, musical practices started the last three weeks of my pregnancy, but on top of that, I had to take some of my students to High Plains Music Festival in Chadron, Ne. My mom watched Callie, so Jake came with me, but I ended up getting sick. It was a very miserable trip, but my students did a great job. Needless to say, because I got sick, Callie and Jake ended up sick as well...I leave it at that.

At my 36 week appointment, I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced
37 weeks, I was 3 and 50% and at my 38 week appointment on Feb. 12, 2010 I was a 4. This ended up being a very big day for our family. You see, Jake found out that he got a job working for Budweiser...(now before you go on judging, remember this economy stinks and frankly this is a great job. wonderful pay and full paid benefits for Jake) and that he started on the 16th. While we were very excited, it also made me very nervous as this is a nighttime job and I was afraid i'd go into labor while he was at work. Therefore, when I went into my dr. appointment I asked if I could be induced. My dr. said that should couldn't induce at 38 weeks, but if I wanted she'd strip my membranes. Of course I said yes (especially since I was already having contractions). My dr. also said that if I had regular contractions to go into the hospital in the morning and that she'd break my water.
So...we since my parents were already in Bluffs, we decided that we would sent Callie home with them. However, before we did this Jake, Callie, & I went to the YMCA so a family swim and to help move labor along.
That night, I defiantly was having contractions and I guess they were regular, but they didn't hurt. That morning, I lost my mucous plug, so I decided to go into the hospital. The worst they could do was send me home right? They admitted me and my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, but I was still a four. (At this point, I really didn't think I would be staying, especially since my stomach was tightening as hard as a rock, but once again I wasn't feeling pain). The nurse asked me if I wanted to walk around and I I took her up on the offer. Jake and I walked the halls for a half and hour and I never once did I have to stop to breathe through a contraction, so when Dr. Painter came in to check me I was very surprised that I was an eight. At 9:30 Dr. Painter broke my water and I thought for sure that the rest was going to be quick. Boy was I labor stopped, so after awhile they started me on pitocin. It took awhile to kick in by I finally started feeling my contractions although still not hard. I honestly think on only had to breathe through 10-15 of them before I started pushing. The pushing was the hard part. When Lilly was coming out she had her little hand by her head, so the circumference was more like 15 cm rather than 10 cm. Add almost two whole pounds to this baby and I defiantly had a hard time. However, even though they thought she might have shoulder dysplasia, everything looked great and we had a healthy baby girl.

Our hospital stay was alright; however, on Sunday afternoon as we were getting ready to be discharged, we found out that Lillian's bilirubin levels were high. Unfortunately for us, we had a stay another night. Jake stayed at home with Callie and I stayed at the hospital, but this ended up being terrible for myself. I was having a hard time getting in and out of bed and the nurses left Lilly in the room with the lights. Every time Lilly cried which was often cause my milk wasn't in and she was never satisfied I had to get up and nurse her. Finally after the nurse change at 3:00 am, they let me hold her under the lights. This was very bright, but at least I got a couple hours of sleep....
We did get to go home on Monday, but much to our dismay, Callie ended up with the flu. I felt so bad for her but was SUPRISED when she ended up doing her business on the floor. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised given the change she was going through, but it made for and interesting first night home. :)