Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, this past week was a crazy, exciting, and hectic one. In fact, it was so busy that I don't even remember everything that happened, but I will try my best. Last week, the week of the 15th, Callie and I spent most of our afternoon's at the Zoo (I decided to get a family pass since it includes the splash pad and the price was very reasonable). Callie loves to learn about all the animals and says "Monkey, Monkeys" whenever we drive up. It is so cute. I am trying to teach her all the names of the animals and the sounds that they make.

Jake and I also played softball a couple times last week. I subbed for my sister's boyfriends team of Wednesday and then played on our team on Friday. We really enjoy getting out and socializing while getting some "easy" exercise.

Probably one of the biggest happenings was on Thursday the 18th. Callie went potty in the potty for the first time! Basically, she woke up from her nap dry and I put her on her potty chair not really expecting anything. I turned on the water and let it run a little bit and got her a book to read. Pretty soon I hear "dun dun ta da". I look in the potty and she had went. She hasn't went since but I haven't really pushed it either. She'll get it when she is ready.

Another big happening of the week was that on Sunday, Jake was called as the ward clerk. We were both shocked. I am excited for Jake because he will grow spiritually, but am always nervous about the time commitment. However, I know that we will be blessed if we perserver. Oh....I have to tell you the story behind this because I think it's funny. Before we moved to Scottsbluff, Ne we lived in Chadron, Ne. The Sunday that we talked in Church, Jake said that he loves football and loves to watch it on Sunday. After his talk the High Council Man, said "if you won't give it up, the Lord will give you a calling that will make you give it up." Low and behold, he knew what he was talking about because Jake will be busy every Sunday until he is realised. Ha.

Anyway, Callie just woke up from her nap. Until next time....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dearest Callie

Dear Callie,

I just want you to know what a joy you are in my life. I can't even put into words the love I feel for you. Everyday, you grow right in front of my eyes and learn more and more knowledge. You are a very independent little girl and know exactly what you want. You can say so many things....puppy, kitty, cow, lamb, teeth, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, bye, hi, bath, milk, juice, love you, Sadee, Papa, Grandma, Ty Ty, Manda, Daddy, Mommy, eat, one, two, three, Callie, hot, baby, fishy, duck, Nemo, potty, and jump (I am probably missing some). Of course I think you are the smartest little girl and YOU ARE.

So I would be fibbing if I said I never got frustrated with you, but all the cute things you do make up for it. You absolutely love your babies and carry them around comforting them by rocking and kissing them. You are going to make a GREAT big sister someday. You love tickling and wrestling with Papa and Grandma's dog Sadee. She lets you crawl all over her. Oh did I mention you are going to be a little fish yourself. You love you baths and I'll admit I go to the extreme and turn bathtime into a private swimming lesson. However, out of all this things that you do my absolute favorite is when your Daddy brings you into our bed in the early morning hours and you put your little arm around my neck and snuggle up. As much as I love you, I know that you love me as much.

Callie I didn't know that I could possibly love somebody this much. Thank you for being my Daughter and allowing me to be your Mother.

I love you with all my heart!

June 1-7th

Well Jake officially started his summer job this week and I officially got to start my summer as a stay at home mom. It was GREAT! Callie and I had a lot of fun. Monday I got my keys to Mitchell Schools and it was fun to see my new classrooms. I get to teach K, 1, 2, 5, 6, JH Choir, HS Choir, & HS Swing Choir. On top of that I am in charge of the Spring Musical. This job should defiently provide so growth opportunities which is always nice.

Tuesday, Callie and I went to my parents and had fun visiting them.

Wednesday, I spent most of the day reading the Twilight series AGAIN and they are just as good the second time through. I COULDN'T put them down. Callie also got her shots, so in my defense of not being a horrible mother she was sleeping most of the afternoon.

Thursday, I got to go "lunch a bunch" and get to know more of the women in our new ward. It was at Frontier Park in Scottsbluff, so Callie also got to play with some new kids. That night we had the missionaries over for dinner and always enjoy their company. In Chadron the missionaries were very frequent visitors and we are excited about the opportunity to continue that so called "tradition".

Friday, was another Twilight reading day, although Callie and I did spend some time outside.

YEAH for Saturday....Daddy's home. Jake, Callie, and I went to the All-Star volleyball game and had a lot of fun.

Today, we went to church and then drove to Bridgeport to visit my grandparents and eat dinner at my parents. Family is always fun. What would we do without them?

I know this probably really boring, but I know that I will appreciate it in the future....