Sunday, October 25, 2009

Callie's 2nd Birthday!'s official, this last Friday, Callie turned 2! I can't believe how the time flies. We had a fun weekend of celebration and both Jake and I are try to recuperate.

On Friday, I had the day off work, so we got Callie's pictures taken. She did EXCELLENT! It was the first time that she has actually smiled in her pictures and she had all kinds of fun. After her pictures, Papa Russ took Jake, Callie, Aunt Amanda, and me out to lunch. We had fun and then spent the rest of the afternoon napping and getting ready for Jake's sister's family to get into town.
On Saturday, Callie played, played and played some more with her cousins. We also carved pumpkins and had lots of fun.

When her birthday party started at 4:00 pm, Grandma and Grandpa Frickey, Great-Grandma and Grandpa Frickey, Great-Grandma Ann, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Shane, Aunt Becca and Uncle Warren, Tatum and Bodie all were in attendance. We had little smokies, bean dip, sherbet punch, cupcakes and better than almost anything cake. Callie received books, movies, clothes, a keyboard, Dora toy, wonder pets toy, Dora tent, and a ball machine.

We are truly blessed with wonderful friends and family and are so grateful for the love they show Callie, Jake and I!
Tatum, Callie, Bodie, and Warrn chillin on the couch

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Month of Sept.

Well it seems as if my weekly updates have turned into monthly updates..... :S So here ya go.
If you didn't know alread, Jake & I are expecting again. We are due Feb. 25, 2009 (a day after Jake's birthday) and word on the street is it is a GIRL!

Here is a 16 week picture

18 weeks

We had our first dr. appointment on Sept 11, 2009. Everything looked fine, but they did an ultrasound a week later to confirm my due date. The baby was right on the dates and moving everywhere. However, I already knew this because I have been very fortunate to feel all my babies really early...14 weeks. The ultrasound tech said she thought it was a girl, but didn't want to say for sure. Needless to say there is nothing that would suggest otherwise, so I'm pretty confident in saying it's a girl.....BUT wouldn't it be a fun suprise for Jake if it did turn out a boy. I guess we shall find out shortly. I am 19 weeks today!

This picture cracks me up. I told her to go to sleep and she is smiling all the while :)

As I said last month, Callie started sleeping her a "big girl bed." She usually goes to bed very easily for us, but somehow always ventures into our room in the middle of the night!

I cut Callie's hair so that she wasn't sporting such a mullet anymore. She did so well. All you have to do is stick her in front of the tv show "Wonderpet" Oh speaking of which she loves to sing that song. I will go "what's gonna work" and she will say "Teanwurk" I love this little girl so much. I can't believe how much she is growing!

As much as we'd like to call CAllie a tomboy (really she is a dare devil, I'll explain later), she loves new shoes. These are the boots I bought her on clearance a while back. Luckily I remembered them in the nick of time. Her feet are growing like crazy! Anyhow, she LOVED them. She came down stairs and started kicking her feet.

Callie also LOVES ice cream. Daddy gave her some last night and she enjoyed it way too much.

This was last week after church. She loves nursery and singing "popcorn popping" She also knows how to say her prayers and carries around her Jesus picture all the time. In fact, we came home from a walk the other night and our neighbor said "what is her deal with Jesus?" If she only knew :)

Here is Jakes doing what he does best. Homework. I think he's counting down the days until he's done forever. He's almost halfway there.

A few other ups and downs that happened this month are:
~Callie can JUMP! Both feet officially clear the floor now.
~The YMCA pool opened again after a month and a half and I have went 3 times this week. I took Callie twice and she is fearless. She holds onto the wall and then pushes backwards and trusts I will catch her as she goes under the water. She can blow bubbles and kick her feet and suprisingly likes her back as much as her belly.
~The school I work at was closed for 2 days due to a flu epidemic induding confirmed H1N1 cases. I had more than half of my 65 member choir out the two days before. Luckily I was spared and only got a bad head cold.
~Callie can always make me Saturday we were laying in her bed attempting to take naps. I would open my eyes to see if she was sleeping and she'd do the same for me and then start laughing histerically. These are the moments I cherish as a mother.
~I got to go to the temple with my Mom and then cried when the Huskers lost a heart breaking game to VA Tech. I'll blame it on the pregnancy hormones.
~Jake and I have enjoyed attending my brothers football games.... although Jake gets WAY too involved. I am looking forward to the day when Jake can have his own team. :)
~Callie was sick with the flu and had to be out of daycare 2 days. Luckily my sister watched her and Callie recovered the day after recieving a preisthood blessing :)
~ Jake found out he only has 15 credits left before he recieves his associates.
Well, I am off to bed!