Friday, May 29, 2009

Where do the days go?

I was recently looking over my past blogs and realized that I haven't blogged in over a month. So many amazing, wonderful, and stressful things have happened...

With my first experience as a first year teacher under my belt, I was able to grow and learn from all my students. On May 7th I had my High School Concert. I was so proud of my students and all they have accomplished given the circumstances. What strong and wonderful young people. A week later, I had my elementary concert. Despite all the temper tantrums and discipline problems, I truly love these young students. What energy-filled and ambitious spirits they have. They too, taught me patience and how to be a better teacher. They loved me unconditionally despite my many weaknesses. They too, did a tremendous job! I will deeply miss my new young friends, but look forward to getting to know new children.

Okay so that was the end of my first teaching job in a nut shell. Now on to Jake. I am so proud of what he accomplished in his first two years of school. This past semester he recieved a 3.7 GPA while being a full time stay at home Dad. I know I often gave him grief about not doing enough house work, but he really is a phenomonal Dad! GREAT JOB BABE!

Then there's Callie. She continues to say more and more words with each day. She says love you, night-night, and can count to three. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo and we watch it at least once a day. She also likes Mickey Mouse Club House and says "Oh Toodiles" Of course there are so many more things that she can say and do, but me being a slacker of a Mom haven't written them down. My goal for the summer is to update her scrapbook and make a more complete record of the cute things she says and does.

Last but not least, we have once again moved. We moved last Thursday (the 21st) into a townhouse in Scottsbluff, Ne and absolutely love it. It has a ton of space and lots of room to grow :) I am looking forward to the rest of the summer...until next time.


On Thursday May 28, Callie and I were invited by some wonderful sisters in our ward to go the park. We had lots of fun and Callie sung on the big girl swings all by herself. I really don't know where my baby has gone. :)

Fishing! May 29, 2009

On Wednesday, Jake, Callie, and I went to a lake near Minatare, Nebraska so Jake could fish. I was hoping that there would be sand for Callie to dig in, but instead we got water. Callie had a great time in it. She kept throwing her bucket and shovel into the water and consequently I had to go in and fetch it. Did I mention the water was FREEZING! It didn't seem to phase Callie though. She kept dumping more water in.

Than there was Jake, everybody should feel very sad for Jake. Depsite his hour and 1/2 of dedicated attempts, he caught NOTHING. Oh well....there is always more fishing and we all had fun.

May 27, 2009