Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pics of Today

Gotta love life!

She loves her beans!

and her mommy

We miss each other during the day....

Daddy is the silly one!

He takes good care of me and teaches
me how to brush my teeth. (or his!)

I am sooo cute!

Happy Birthday Jake!

JAKE IS 25 YEARS OLD........What an OLD man! :) Anyhow, for his big day we had some friends over and ate pizza and ice cream. It was really quite the Callie show. She was dancing and entertaining everyone. It is finally nice to have some new friends.
Since Jake didn't want any cake. I put his candles on his pizza. He is such a character!

Gettin ready for summer and SWIMMING!

Callie got her new swim suit and is soooo ready to go to Evan's Plunge in a couple weeks with her cousins! (I think mommy's excited too!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yesterday I got Callie some new shoes and I absolutely love them. These pics don't do them justice, but they are still cute!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I must admit, I LOVE weekends because I get to spend so much time with Callie. She is such a doll and there is nothing I can't appreciated about her. This morning she was giving her baby kisses and then got her stuffed bear so the baby would be happy. It is so amazing how fast they grow up. I really think she looks like a little girl now. Anyhow, we are going to Rapid City today so here are some pics of the morning pursuit. Notice the egg all over her face ! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh the joys of life

Well life has been super BUSY!

Being a teacher is stressful, life changing, rewarding, fun, terrible, and everything in-between. Last week was very hard and almost pushed me to the limit, but after some re-evaluation gratefully this week has been great. My students never cease to teach me something new.

Being a MOM is also everything I mentioned above; however, I never knew it possible to love somebody so much. Callie changes everyday and truly is a little person now. She says ba ba, mama, dada, shirt, boook, Sadee, hi, bye, uh oh, festas, etc. She also loves songs and dancing. She dances in circles and it is the cutest thing. She also spends her day pushing around trash can and loves her nightly bath routine with mom. I can't imagine how my life would be without her.

And then there is my one and only husband, who surprised me last Saturday by having my Mom and Dad take Callie for the night. I got to take a 3 hour nap, go out to dinner, and finish the last Twilight book. I also can't imagine life without him. What an inspiration he is to me, taking over my role as Mother (he stays at home with Callie 3 days a week) and doing an exemplary job.